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March 04, 2020

Should the age or the miles traveled matter more when buying a pre-owned car? There is no straightforward answer to this because both factors should be seriously considered when choosing a pre-owned car to purchase.


Both factors have aspects that can come back to bite you in the near or distant future which is the reason behind Auto Expo’s suggestion that you should look beyond the age and mileage.



If you decide that age matters more, then we suggest considering how the parts and pieces of the pre-owned car with many years in its hood do well with rust; if the tires are worn out due to successive usage without replacements; how exposed to danger the suspension and brakes are or if they are safe enough; if the tires, shock absorbers, and other parts and pieces need replacements. These can easily add up to the initial cost of the pre-owned car thereby making it more expensive.


If you decide that mileage matters more, you need to find out how much distance covered is good enough for the pre-owned car. What does the odometer say?


So yes, age matters. Ditto to miles traveled (mileage). But what matters more is the car history report.



You can get a car history report from the internet.


A car history report from trusted car websites like AutoCheck, CarFax, and VinCheck can help pull up and pool details like the manufacturer of the car, its model, what year the model came into the automotive market, the serial number, the miles the car has traveled, what accidents the car has experienced and the type plus level of repairs done on the pre-owned car.


Other aspects such as engine issues, electrical issues, transmission issues, power steering problems, maintenance timetable, and recalls can also be figured out in a history report.


For a figure around $40, this level of information says a whole lot more than simply dwelling on “this car is 5.5 years old” or “the odometer says this…” because it condenses these 2 factors and more factors into a comprehensive report.


used mercedes benz dealership long island


At Auto Expo, we show you a car history report, the go-to for your decision on purchasing a pre-owned car. Call Service on 516-355-9200 or see us at 46 Northern Blvd Great Neck, NY 11021 for a car history report before you buy that pre-owned car from us.


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